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2011-06-18 - Pilots and Rocks

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The pilots were upgraded some time ago. Just recently a lighting problem on the faces was fixed. Now that they are up to scratch it's time to show a few pics.

Each of the shots except the Mk7 and Mk2 have been modified to get a clearer shot by reducing the canopy opacities. In most of the other Colonial craft they are heavily tinted.

Here's a few showing them in the game lab.

The pilots were created using four different faces with interchangeable bodies. There is also an injured version.
Not every pilot makes it so we do have a bit of variation to cover that situation.

Of course if you die you get to do the whole mission again. Aren't we nice. Don't want you getting slack or anything.

The asteroids aren't particularly exciting. They were generated from a cube type object with displacement. The maps for them tile in both directions.
They also can be rotated and still tile. These are the Diaspora replacement for the FreeSpace standard asteroid fields.
One tiling texture map covers three asteroid shapes. FreeSpace had three different colours brown, blue and orange.
We ended up with brown, grey and grey/green. The maps though are interchangeable allowing us to use the texture replacement function.

That last injured guy looks a little Stretch Armstrong-y...

If it's the end one,  the stretch won't be too noticeable, due to how fast it takes off after the explosion.

The pilots look great from the side and from the front.

The asteroids are impressive as well. I didn't know that fs2_open could handle such detailed asteroids.

Nice work!

Very Impressive, Im getting very excited for the game.

Actually I have been excited for the game since the beginning, now I'm super excited!


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