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2012-09-04 - MKVIIE Strike Viper

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None of them made it to Ragnar. Only a small number of MK VIIs made it and they're much more common than the VIIe.

Pegasus' complement were probably off getting polished up real nice, or something. :p Hell, maybe they were getting the CNP upgrade.


--- Quote from: CaptHunt on September 12, 2012, 10:18:04 pm ---so we'll definitely see more of the StrikeViper in R2?

How are you guys going to retcon the fact that we never saw anything like this in the show?

--- End quote ---

File that under "Not your problem" pilot ;)

The Pegasus was in dock undergoing maintenance when the Cylons hit anyway. She probably was only outfitted with the bare complement of fighters suited for defense and not offense.

The Galactica was near retirement and never got strike wings. Hell her viper complement was probably down to half capacity to make room for the mark 2 squadrons and to prepare her for decommissioning. The Pegasus, on the other hand, had on-board viper manufacturing facilities. They were probably good enough to assemble a basic viper, but they couldn't produce the more sophisticated instrumentation the strike viper has. That leaves us several options;

1) The Pegasus was never equipped with strike vipers, being unable to replenish them in the field. Instead it relies on it's superior firepower to bring down the big stuff.

2) The Pegasus was equipped with a limited number of strike vipers. These were either used very sparingly since it couldn't rebuild them, or they were all gone by the time we see it in the show.

So, there's some wriggle room when it comes to plot devices there :)

Tyrrel build a stealth Viper from scratch...
I mean, hey, I like the Strike Viper, but since I hit a damn with anti bomber and anti fighter missiles, I would only miss the abilty to carry anti subsystem weapons...
But guess an Assault Raptor could do the job as well.


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