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HUD Bug, Mission Ending

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Haha - that looks like 3 bugs for the price of one :)

Could you please post a bit more information?
1) the version of Diaspora you were using?
2) the name of the dogfight mission you were playing? (I'd guess Asteroid, not "No Frills", but I'd like to confirm that)
3) the resolution the of person with the double analog ammo counter?

I can then add something to our bugtracker, or offer more advice.

When you were playing the mission, were you playing on a standalone server by any chance? Cause the key-pressed SEXP won't work there (I'll have to check how we FREDded those missions.)

1) 1.1.1
2) Asteroid, yeah
3) 1920 x 1080.  That picture is from the dogfight training module but I've experienced that bug myself in other scenarios and in the campaign as well.  I also use 1920 x 1080 with 32-bit textures.

RE: Karajorma, standalone server?  I was hosting on my computer while also playing, directly through the game and not via dedicated servers.  One instance of the game client as host playing in game.

Is it better to run a dedicated server and then connect to it through a second instance of the game if I'm doing it all on a single computer?

I don't think running the standalone on the same PC would necessarily improve matters any and you might get some errors with TCP/IP if you do, so I'd advise sticking to the way you're doing it now.

That HUD bug was addressed in


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