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2015-10-02 - Announcing Worthy of Survival

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Awesome news! thanks!

I think I just peed a little.

Luis Dias:
Wait, I never left a message of how hyped I was in here?

How the frak did that slide??!?

I'M HYPED! :yes:

Does this mean the CO will be referred to by name and play a more active role on this campaign? Also, hurray! The Diaspora team has only the highest standards for their products. You guys are something else!

Yes. the idea is that not only will the CO and other non-pilot characters play a bigger role in the plot but that the players actions during the mission will affect what decisions those character make during the campaign. In other words, you won't be given a choice like (attack the cylons, stay with the fleet) but instead your choice between those two will affect decisions characters like Commander Corbulo have to make in later missions.


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