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Recruteing for the Battle of Deneb.


Hi there all. I am here to recrute for my upcoming FS to FS2 port campaign the Battle of Deneb, I only need a good batch of 2-3 other freders, and some good artsits that can help me with this great undertakeing.

Features so fare:

Fight in the most famed freespace batttle ever.

A ever changeing battle ground.

Full campaign Breifing animations, no static pictures that do not move! Also included are anis that show camra footage from ships, or fighters.

Full SCP support for those of us that have a good stable copy.

12 jaw droping missions!

Fight along side never before seen squadrons! Includeing the new 124th Vipers, the 67th Hellcats, 42nd Green eagles. Each squadron has one job on the battle feild, from escorting ships, to bombing runs it's all there.

Mission types include: Nebula battles a first for Freaspace port players, escorting of battle groups, covering retreating convoys, capital ship battles that do not look funny from a fare.


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