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Volunteer needed to update the Wiki links for the command-line options

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Title is self-explanatory. :) Look in the Freespace source code, in code/cmdline/cmdline.cpp.  All the links point to the Wiki on dynamic4.  They'll need to be updated with the proper links on hard-light.

I'd link to the web-based CVS file but it's inaccessible at the moment. :( So I'm attaching the file.  Just search for "dynamic4" and you'll find the list of links.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I'll be happy to take a crack at this when I get time.  If someone else can do it sooner, please do so.

Black Wolf:
Is all the data Command line from the old wiki in the new wiki yet? If not, we wont have adresses to replace it with.

I wrote a new version anyway.  Updating the links should be trivial now.  Someone needs to go over the template that I put up, but at least now all the links will be valid.  Goob, you want me to do a find-replace and update the file?

Strike that, turns out it's actually easier said than done.  Here you go: cmdline.cpp

Easier done than said, you mean? ;)

Thankees. :)


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