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--- Quote from: Timerlane on March 15, 2011, 08:24:09 pm ---I'm curious; is there a way of handling the destroyable tree patches, or will there just be lots and lots and lots of loose trees around?

The latter sounds like it'd be a huge pain to set up.

--- End quote ---

It probably wouldn't be too hard to add a "tree clump" object that works like the Bridge Median in reverse. The Median appears in a couple of missions on bridges and you can force-fire on it to destroy it, making it impassable to ground units, but otherwise it allows units to pass freely.

The hard part (assuming it is even possible) would most likely be the spreading forest fires.

What I am planning on doing at stage is use the forests as visual ques to the player about where to go...
Why? well basically the tree mechanic between MC1 and MC2 are the same... if you want to go somewhere in MC1 that is blocked by trees all you have to do is burn then down, the trees were never really impassable but there existence sort of guided you on the path that the mission designer intended. In MC2 its basically the same, the frees dont block you but there position can guide a player. The major difference is time, in MC1 trees took time to burn while in MC2 you only suffer a speed reduction while moving through trees. I may have to re think this when I get to more maze like missions (eg operation 3 mission 3 where you have to capture the fleeing resource trucks that all depart in different directions from the central base once the alarm is sounded) as the speed at which you can move through the trees may ruin the desired game play.
Anyway I am sure you guys would be keen to play test for me when I get to operation Vanguard ;-)
Also regarding the possibility of intact and destroyed buildings, they are all set able in the files, super easy "passable = yes/no, destroyed passable = yes/no" so I could possibly fiddle with making a copy of the bridge but reverse its passably qualities (basically make it a normal building) to see if having a secret underlying path blocking structure could work.

The larger problem for me at the moment is that in MC1 some missions had multiple drop zones, while in MC2 you currently only have one... Maybe we could find a coder to have a look at this mechanic at some stage

I came across the MC1 demo today... I didnt realize there was one and initially I was not going to download it but then the screen shots caught my eye, I noticed that I didnt recognize the map that the screen shots were from and also how the player had a firestarter, cougar and raven, I mean I NEVER had just those mechs. I downloaded it out of curiosity and sure enough the map was not a retail MC1 map! (thought it seemed to be a pre-release of the operation 1 mission 1 map but with two islands) So for completeness I am announcing that I will be recreating this map also (as well as the two missions that take place on this map) and will be releasing it as a stand alone campaign. Yay for MC1!!!

Operation Beachhead

mission 6

mission 5

missions 4, 3, 2, 1

Screenshots of mission 6 (with mechs in place since I have already let the cat out of the bag regarding the lupus)

First gate

Second gate

Firestarter mob

Lupus boss 1

Lupus boss 2


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