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Everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs an invisible, untargetable blip of a ship. You can use it for anything! Let the player give it orders to simulate commanding whole fleets or actual capships using query-order! Use it for in-front-of-ship and near-ship warpins! Cameras! Everything!

Oh! I also recommend using a decent text editor (i use notepad++ since MJN made the awesome fs2 syntax for it) and you can edit a mission by hand, with the text editor! Very easy for mass find-replaces or copy/pasting, or other stuff that'd be tedious to do in FRED.

Access to support ships is controlled by IFF. If you want the enemy to call for support, and are okay with the player not having access to it, you can use the Hostile IFF for the player's team and Friendly for the enemy.

PSA from the RNGpocalypse:

Do not end an event with the modification of "string"-variable via  modify-variable. Some versions of FRED2 then don't draw the required quotation marks, in the text output, around the string to set the variable to (basically treating it like a number), which then gives you a nasty error message.

Adding a dummy  do-nothing added to the event will prevent this from happening.

When modifing a "string"-type variable via modify-variable, don't just enter data into second argument (aka what you want to set your variable to). It will cause an error message upon saving.

Making sure that you use "Replace Data" -> "string" on the argument will prevent this from happening. Do not just try to enter data into the field before doing this, the engine puts a "number" field there by default and then doesn't automatically know the difference.

Wait, what?

That definitely sounds like a bug rather than something you should be teaching people to do.


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