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Well, it's here - the spanking new Interviews forum. Here's the deal:

The moderators of this forum are the only ones (aside from us admins, of course) who can post new threads in this forum. Everyone else can only reply to threads that have already been made.

Now, the moderators are also HLP's interviewers. They will be doing interviews of various things as they deem fit - Campaign leaders, SCP programmsrs, expert renderers, outstanding 3D modellers, etc. They will conduct the interview outside the forums - on ICQ or whatever, and then post the interview in this forum. Once they've posted the interview, everyone will be able to reply with questions, comments, etc. There's no guarantee that the original interviewee will keep responding to question, but we hope so.

So, any questions? :)

Knight Templar:
Can I interveiw people? I've always wanted to be a journalist.

My Credentials include the school news paper and .. um..


oy... more moderators... fun. That brings it up to about 50% of the active members. How did these people get chosen?

sounds good! go for it!



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