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Shrike Interview

Screen Name: Shrike
From: Port Moody, Canada
HLP position(s): Head Administrator of HLP, assistant to several campaign groups
Other forums: Spacebattles -


Well let’s start by finding out what all those things on your posts mean.  Tell us what inspired your screen name, title, sig, and avatar.

Screen name is named after the Shrike from the Hyperion book series.  (It's spiky, it's shiny, and it teleports around killing people). It was an ultratech construct sent from the future where the machine Ultimate Intelligence was fighting a war against the human Ultimate Intelligence.

My title keeps changing, currently it was taken from the lyrics to the NIN song 'Reptile'.

As for my sig, well, it's reasonably self-evident.  A few amusing quotes and a link to Lords of Ether, a story-based game I'm currently involved with.

Aaand the avatar, that's a modified NTF emblem with the HLP emblem put in it.

and for those who don't remember, how did that 'prophet' business come about?

It was a joke that maybe got out of hand.... back on the VBB I made a joke about the 'VBB Bible' and how the Volition guys made Freespace, based off of Genesis.  Can't remember how I thought of it, probably something to do with the FS2 music tracks, which are named after books/sections in the bible.

So if I wanted to do some divining right now what would I see in your future?  What do you want to be when you grow up? :p

I want to get into entertainment, game design, maybe movies or TV.  Something creative, unlike what I'm doing now.

Entertainment hmm…well I assume being a director’s flunky or a drag show diva isn’t what you have in mind so what is?   :drevil:

Get something published?  ;)

Write, design, stuff like that

Writing is definitely your forte.  A talent born of imagination and fueled by cumulative wisdom.  You’ve roamed this planet a couple years and seem to have picked up some wisdom along the way.  As our fearless leader give us some sound counsel.   If you were going to give the most important advice about life EVER...what would it be?

don't sweat it.

A concise but profound truth.   Continuing in the philosophical vein, what political issues concern you most?  What are your opinions and suggested solutions for these issues?

Hmmm........... I suppose Canada's compliance with the Kyoto agreement and just how much of a joke our government has become.
Basically, they signed it this week I believe, tying ourselves to it, but have *no* plan to implement it.  So basically we're tied to Kyoto like it or not without a plan to go about actually reducing pollution.

Enlighten us Yankees and all others not familiar with current events in your country.  How will this hurt Canada?

Economic uncertainty.  We were basically forced into it by Chretien, who wants his legacy because he's all but being kicked out.  We may be forced into doing *anything* as opposed to what we should do.  We should have spent longer figuring out what to do.  The Kyoto dates aren't immediate, the only reason we signed now - without any kind of plan - instead of a year from now, say - when a proper plan was decided upon - was Chretien seeking a legacy.
Sounds like you’re not a big fan of his.  Who are you a big fan of?  Name a person who comes close to meeting your ideals and tell us what those ideals are.  They can be living or dead; real or fictional.  If you want to discuss more than one that's cool.

Um...... I think it'd be neat to be someone who got all kinds of cool opportunities, but I can't say there's anyone that I *really* look up to as a personal hero.

I think our choices mostly determine our opportunities.  What kinds of choices and opportunities are important to you?

Opportunities to do what you like what you do best.  I try to go with my heart - which means I'm somewhat screwed unless I get a job in what I want, but hey, that's the chance you take.

A job that encompasses one’s interests is one of the most precious commodities on the planet.  Certainly worth the extra effort of pursuing it if it doesn’t fall into your lap.  What about your leisure interests and activities?  I know you're an avid sci-fi reader for one.  What is your fav novel or series?  

Well, I spend too much time in front of the computer, generally when I have nothing better to do.  I can't say I have a favorite series per se, but some that I particularly enjoyed are the Discworld series, the Hyperion series and the Culture series, plus most books by David Drake.

We ALL spend too much time with our comps! :nod:  I happen to know that you’re one of the few of us who actually leave the house to go socialize on a weekly basis.  So clubbing is another thing you're into.  Tell me your preferences as to what types of clubs and why.   Also, are there any other things that really float your U-boat?

Generally I like clubs with...... strong or angry music.  It's a lot easier to dance to music that's powerful, it flows through me so much better.  Which means generally 'hard rock/metal' or 'goth' clubs.

And I'm into 3D art and writing.

Now I want to get much more specific.  What is your one favorite thing EVER?  Animal, mineral, vegetable, ethereal, any category

oh geez....... I dunno.  next?

LOL! :lol: Ok I’ll try to narrow it down some.  Any favorite games or other tech /hardware/programs you would recommend for us and why?

Haven't exactly gotten much new software lately.

I'd suggest a band named Joydrop though, they're Canadian.  Pretty cool.

FS and HLP

Now let’s talk about HLP.  Start us off with a little history.  What first brought you to HLP?

I was always here.  

Setekh basically told me about this neat idea he and thunder had cooked up.  It just went from there.

Although you are not a member of any campaign groups, you told us you often assist some of them.  Which groups do you assist and how? What are your 1337 skillz?

Eh, I've done models for Black Water Ops, Machina Terra and the Terran-Vasudan War project.  I also hack the tables and balance everything for MT.  I dabble in a bit of everything, really.  Fredding, modeling, modding.... generally I stay out of campaigns though, takes too much time.

So show off for us a bit.  Let’s have some renders! [/color]

This one is a render of my Alcyone cruiser, which will be seen in Machina Terra.

This is a cut-away wireframe of the internal components which I did for fun.

And a render I just did, showing three of the ships I've modelled for Lords of Ether.

Holy cow those are SWEET!!  Thanks!  :eek2:

The evolving of fanfic/campaign groups at boards such as HLP lends testimony to the HUGE success of Freespace 1 & 2.  The creators are bound to want to continue that success with more sequels.  What would you want to see in a future FS release?

My name in the credits.  May not be freespace, but hey.... :D

And you can quote me on that.  

Well of course…go make it happen!  For now though I am referring to game features.


Well, the list is long, but I'd like to see the application of more realistic damage and sensor models.

Judging by its massive memberlist among other aspects, I’m of the opinion that HLP is a huge success as well.  What do you see or want in the future for HLP?

We're talking about doing a site upgrade, it's about time.  No real decisions taken on that yet.

What will be better after the upgrade?

Hopefully it'll be more up to date.  The mod database should be done......

Any new features?  When you say "it's about time" what changes do you think are overdue?
The mod database.  We have some problems there, mainly with people having connection issures.

Well that wraps it up.  Shrike, thank you for your time and insights.  Everyone else I hope you enjoyed my first interview and I welcome your suggestions for those yet to come.

Borealis you sure talk good.

:lol: I feel useful :D

How long did it take BTW? The interviewing.

Knight Templar:
Thank you for another interview (*cough* finally *cough*)

So I can't think of anything else.. what's it to you?  :p


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