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Our source on the Source is interviewed here. I give you, in this corner, INQUISITOR!

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Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Knight Templar

--- End quote ---

I  intend to - If he's ever on ICQ. He's always away :(.

Knight Templar:
I think he just has it on away all the time so that people won't bug him unless they need to :)

Black Wolf:
Oh... Well... In that case

Prepare to be bugged :)

Please :D

Just remind me who you are so I know you aren't one of those bloody ads! :D

I really shoulda given a shout out to Stealth as well, the website is coming along nicely :)

That and hte whole of VW and HLP, including the admins, for paving the way!

It's a fun project, some cool stuff...


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