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Sandwich's, Su-tehp's and GalacticEmperor's trip to NYC

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let's hope they don't visit australia :nervous:

W007! Me is back safe and sound in good old Israel, and quite pooped. Too pooped to add to the story, to be honest. Perhaps by the time GE gets around to replying and adding in his 2 pence, I'll have recovered enough to both contribute my bit of the story as well as post some pics! ;)

Knight Templar:
Just a question: Was Su still doing his 18-year old bonde virgin routine, or did he finally grow up?


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Knight Templar
and New York will never be the same...
--- End quote ---

LOL i forgot su-teph lives in upstate NY. so thats who i saw in the "winter-bagle" car.... :p

:lol: Ah yes, the Skyride. For those of you who haven't been to NYC, the Skyride is a two-minute long motion simulator over the Manhattan skyline on the second floor of the Empire State Building. It costs $9 and the line is over an hour long. :blah: But hey, how were they supposed to know?

But it was quality time. Anyway, the story is that Su was wearing his shirt...

And while we were in line, a young woman about our age standing in front of us stares at the shirt and says "What does that mean?" The three of us burst out in giggles and attempt to explain about computer languages, on/off states, and number base systems unsuccessfully. Finally she gets the hint 'It's a computer thing' and turns back to her companions. (They were cute, too. We should have hit on them. But I digress...) So we progress a few feet, and the line splits. Su says, "What, there are two lines?" and then our friend here says, "No, there are 10."

We all crack up, naturally.

Yeah, that was cool. I'll wait for Sandwich here to post his pics, then we can chat about them.


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