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What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?

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Colonol Dekker:
Windmills is nice and short but...... Wow.  What a ride.

Just finished the Unification war.
 I learned that with out the tech (targeting and such) I am a crappy pilot.  It was entertaining and challenging campaign.
 I have just started Frontlines.

I have been playing Into the depths of Hell.
It has been great, a long campaign with lots of twists and turns.
A few glitches here and there but nothing to take away from the fun.

Iain Baker:
BP AoA, the rest of BP inc the new Neptune mission next.

If you want a challenge I highly recommend  Bem Cavalgar. I feel every one should try it at least once. The behaviour of the Shivans has been tweaked so they all circle strafe, fly sideways, backwards etc. which makes the game a hell of a lot harder. Seriously, BC on medium is on par with most campaigns on very hard. Even Fury AI campaigns seem tame in comparison. Just surviving is a challenge.

Thankfully you don't fail a mission if you jump out early, it just makes you feel bad by telling you how many people died because of it, and you will have less resources for your next mission. Plus you can choose which missions to take part in - but you can only do half of them per play-through since you can't be in two places at once. Do you save civvies, or military targets, since you can't save both.

Its the only time I have played FS in a LONG time where I truly felt like a victim, and not "I AM ALPHA ONE, HEAR ME ROAR!!!". Instead, I ended up feeling like the universe's ***** and wanting to cry out for mummy to take me home.  :lol:  It actually made me feel just how desperate the fight against the Shivans in Vasuda would have felt if I were a Vasudan and it was real.

A few hints to help you survive more than about sixty seconds  ;)

1: When chasing and shooting a fighter after you land a few shots it will pivot on its axis 180 degrees so its facing you and will start shooting back. Considering that both the  Shivan's shields and weapons* are MUCH stronger in this campaign you can't play chicken with them and expect to win. Hit and run tactics are your best bet.  Wear down its shields a bit then break off. Then re-engage and wear them down a bit more and break off again, rinse and repeat until its dead.

*Think what being on the receiving end of TEV Balors in BP is like. Now imagine every Shivan fighter and bomber having these.

NB - Basilisks now have shields stronger than a vanilla Seraphim. Scorpions and ****ans have shields about as strong as a vanilla Nephilim, and a Nephilim (when you include its shields) takes almost as many hits to kill as a vanilla Fenris. Remember that first mission in retail FS1 when you engage the Scorpion and ****ans with your utterly ineffective guns? Its almost like that - EVERY. SINGLE. MISSION. At least your sensors work...

2) ...unless they get knocked out that is, which is quite likely if you get hit by a missile. Missiles hurt A LOT in BC and will likely wreck multiple subsystems if you get hit by one.

3) If a fighter gets on your a$$ target it then spam the 'attack my target' command to all your wingmen, this should save you.  Also, stick close to your wingmen and keep them alive, as you will NOT survive on your own. Let them go ahead of you then shoot at the Shivans shooting at them - this is probably the best way how to prioritise targets.
4) When the Shivans send in reinforcements of hunter-killer teams - usually consisting of Dragons (which have shields at least as strong as a vanilla Basilisk) - its time to drop everything and jump out. Order your wingmen to do likewise otherwise they will get schwacked and will not be available in the next mission. Any mission objectives not completed by this point will just have to stay uncompleted, because even mere survival is unlikely if you hang around.

So, good luck with that  :lol:  I may even replay it on Hard and Insane just to see how quickly it hands me my a$$  :lol:

Last week, I started playing Descent: FreeSpace under FSO. So, today, finished the first game on a medium difficulty level, then started with the expansion Silent Threat on the same difficulty level.

I don't know if this topic is too old to post a message. If so, I'm sorry!


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