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Controls are really spread out

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The default controls are really spread out. A, Z for manual throttle but bksp, \ for full and stop, and m for match, for example. Many other controls are likewise spread out. I get the idea for some of them (trying to match the letter to the function) but it's just a lot of moving around on the keeb and potential to hit the wrong button in a crunch. Also some functions in the options like inverting the Pitch for mouse users or setting up a working throttle for Joystick and HOTS users are very unintuitive to figure out.

I can't find a way to save different setups, so I am reluctant to manually spend a bunch of time remapping things to cluster more sensibly. Since this is a mod, is there any way to get in a way to save multiple layouts, possibly with several preset layouts for various use cases and/or would it be possible to make them sharable?I think this would be a big help, especially for newer players who might be turned off by how odd the controls are by current standards.

Hey there, welcome to HLP!

The default controls can be a bit of handful indeed. We are currently developing a Control Profiles system which will allow you to save different setups and go back to them when you want, but it's complex work being done by only one developer (who's the most familiar with the Controls code).   
As far as I know, we don't intend to change the default controls (the idea is to maintain the base game always as close to its Retail form as possible), but I'm pretty sure that when the Control Profiles system is available, we could at least include some extra profiles.

Any word on this control scheme modifications?

Good question! The new code went through many iterations to update and improve things and is now in the near-final stages of review.

Any word on this? I realize it's been a while so maybe I missed news elsewhere.


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