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Been a while.

Did I miss much?

Scourge of Ages:
That all depends on how long "a while" has been.

A few new versions have been released, probably. Most of the discussion seems to have moved to discord. Not sure what else might be relevant to you.

****, son...

It's freaking Aldo. And it's this freaking Aldo, and not some copycat. Welcome back onboard, man. You will see many new faces you may not know, but I guess majority will still recognise you.

What did you miss? Well... ****loads of FSO releases, many campaigns, several MediaVPs interations, hundreds of missions produced by the community, millions of polygons... You missed like whole age of PBR or age of Blue Planet.

This place is still pretty much kicking.

Hello Mr. Username-inspirer~

The first FS mod I've ever tried was installing one of your ships ^^

Now that's a blast from the past.  Great to see you, Aldo!


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