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Would a GTI or NTF victory have been worse?

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I presume it still would likely be though, simply bc it is repeadetly said that Earth was still the center of Terran civilisation. AFAIK it is never stated when colonisation started but I'd presume not too long before the TV war started as it is implied that it broke out not too long after first contact and Vasuda is rather close to Sol.

So for non-Earth staff you'd have to be born in a colony + old enough to rise high in military ranks. Now how long that would take is  something I cant tell though.

Colonol Dekker:
I hear what youre saying., and im listening, and take on board your points good sir :)

London is still the capital of the UK, but our armed forces are still a motley mix of Geordie, scouse, jock, "other" and the like.  Maybe even the odd taff or Fijiian in certain well regarded regiments.


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