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HELP WANTED: Cataclysm Seeking Testers
Howdy folks, I'm seeking peeps who have some time to help play test my modification, Cataclysm. I designed these missions and tested them myself on Insane but having a third party try them out and let me know if they're too difficult (on any difficulty you wish) or too easy will help me immensely. If you wish to help out shoot me a DM, respond to this forum post or PM me on Discord: neonshivan.

The testing also won't just be for balance, I need to help gauge my writing skills and ensure that the story is being told properly. So I'm hoping those who wish to help test it out would be willing to (gently) roast me on the campaign's writing and plot. Creative feedback/suggestions/pimp slaps are also appreciated.

Note: As of the date: 7/10/23, Mission 9 and onward are not in campaign format so they may be tested in any order.
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