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Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...

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haha i guessed the BB part, but HLP kept throwing me off... but i see it now haha
to those who care, i tried the Sabastian mission, but quit prematurely realizing that this time, even the downgraded wpn selections refused to give me missles (ie, all missles were 0 in net quantity, and all ships were equiped w/ one std laser and one subsystem-dmging gun, and empty 2ndary banks)
so ... i quit.

now i'm trying mods.  the delect one.. err i think..  bit spooky w/ gigantic pirate ship ramming my fighter haha

and i thought the voice acting was hillarious, although i must give credit for working quite well with probably a very limited resources.  haha the main campagin did spoil me :p

is there any recommandation on the mods to try first?  or r they all stand alone?

Someone posted a list... let me dig it up for you.


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