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Battuta's Guide to Finding Your First (Or Next!) Campaign

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Mito [PL]:
Shouldn't someone edit the first post so it informs of Solaris as a total conversion and Walls Closing as one of the short, comfy retail-ish campaigns?

Blurb on Walls Closing:
A 4-mission minicampaign set around the search-and-rescue operation of the GTD Phoenicia after its narrow escape from the claws of Sathanas. Features a rather "core FS2" gameplay, simple missions and some pretty atmospheric setting and writing.

(Anyone feel free to make corrections or something)

General Battuta:
I should update the OP to use white space and links, fantastic new discoveries in web design.

Any chance you could put this on the wiki too if you find the time for that?

General Battuta:


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