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How to change text languange in Freespace 1 Port

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Hi, I have a question about text language in Freespace Port. I've installed with Knossos FSPort 4.5.1 with media VPS, all packages, and the Italian pack too. But, my game remains with English texts...I know that speech remains in English, but in my case the texts are english too. How can I change this? Thx a lot! :)

You have to change the text language into Italian.

My small language selector tool can help in this.

Ok, but change where? Thx for selector, I've used it, but languange don't change...Where am I wrong?Thx!

Nobody knows how to act on languages with Knossos installation?  :( :( :(

I recommend opening up your fs2_open.ini file manually and verifying that the [Default] section actually contains Language=Italian (case sensitive) as opposed to "English", or just being absent entirely. Alternatively, try running a debug build and check (or post) the debug log to see if it complains about Italian being missing from the language files.


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