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How to change text languange in Freespace 1 Port

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I've done some rudimentary testing here, and it looks like the Italian language pack for FSPort might be misnamed or otherwise busted. All Novachen's language selector does is change the Language value in fs2_open.ini, which can also be done manually. I've confirmed that changing this setting actually changes the language within FS2 and works with both German (one of the default languages) and Spanish (which has an FSPort language pack), but changing it to "Italian" has no effect. Changing FS2's language to the same value in the Windows registry also has no effect.

EDIT: I should also note that while the Italian translation pack for FSPort shows up as being available through Knossos, the release thread for FSPort 3.5 (which lists the other language packs) has no such pack listed.

The actual translations are in the core package and the Italian pack just contains font files and a help.tbl. Perhaps the Italian language table is broken somehow and therefore isn't parsed properly. I did take a quick look and didn't notice anything wrong, but I never actually tested it either.

Looked into it, and the italian language pack does not include stringtables with an #italian part. The corresponding tables are missing altogether.
So there is actually no italian text.

Should be an oversight by the developers, as in the previous FSPort release there was a working italian language pack.

However, they are present in the UTF-8 package. Albeit they does not seem to be used.

I finally had time to look at this.  Sorry for the delay.

It turns out that this is a bug in one of the language fixes I did last year.  The game is ignoring Italian because it is not a built-in language.  Once I changed part of the code to use the correct indexing threshold, the game correctly switched to Italian.

The fix is posted here.  Once it is merged it will be included in the following nightly build; and it will also be included in the upcoming 22.0.


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