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Changes to Weapon Locks & Destroyed Subsystems

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Yeah, guys, the bug here is that this is affecting primary targets, and not just multilock. All those decisions were made for multilock 'incidental' locks only. The fix should be pretty simple.

That fix is in nightlies now. Please make some noise if there are any more troubles

In the process of changing default behavior for a feature that's been in final release builds a retail affecting bug was created. I'm sorry it stings, but at the same time this new trend of people (both in SCP and not in SCP.. in this case not) of blaming modders and FREDers for not noticing changes in the engine also stings. It feels like I'm expected to read every commit to the FSO codebase.  :(


--- Quote ---blaming modders and FREDers for not noticing changes in the engine also stings
--- End quote ---
And who did that here? There were some offhand comments in the issue discussion about 'bad design' yes, and I'd agree that those were misguided as reasons to change or not change something, but I don't think those comments were very influential in the decision making. And I don't see anyone there or in this thread 'blaming' anyone for having a problem with the bugged breaking change.  If I'm having a blind spot for something, please point it out.

Offhand comments are all it takes.

The blame is in aggregate. The new "pin your build" mantra is what set us up for changes to default feature behavior (across final releases!) being considered mundane. Had this thread not been posted, I would not have known to fix my mod. That it caused a retail facing bug is the only way I might have seen this.

In an effort to make mods stable, SCP has ignored modders doing active development unless they are A) persistent or B) part of SCP.  I did 5 years of dev on BtA1 and never had near this much trouble with FSO being a moving target as I do now.

But none of this really belongs in this thread. If you really want to discuss it further, start a new one in the appropriate place.


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