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How do i get my Thrustmaster HOTAS working?

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So, FSO is set up now properly (i find KNOSSOS very confusing) and wanted to use my new Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X now, well it's not working found plenty of things here thats supposed to help? vJoy and such. But how do i exactly set this all up now? I do not know where to start, Windows is recognizing everything properly.

As far as i understood i'm now somehow supposed to create a virtual Joystick through vJoy now, but how do i do that at all? Where? I also read something about some Wizard Stuff.

I never had such problems with my old Joystick, just plug-in, done.

If anyone is using the Thrustmaster and knows how to set everything up a step-by-step help would be very much appreciated.

So, i take nobody can help.

I tried to set things up in vJoy but i have NO IDEA what i am doing and no video or anything i find online is helping either, i all just goes over my head. Had hoped someone here who had set things up for FreeSpace could help with a Step-by-step explanation.

But i guess not

Iain Baker:
I had that HOTAS and I’m now using the newer HOTAS 4 (the blue and black one.)

Neither required any complicated set up to work with Knossos. You will probably need to install its drivers of course, but after that all you need do is make sure it is plugged in BEFORE you boot up Knossos and it should detect it. On the Settings tab on the Knossos launcher there is a drop down list for joysticks. If Knossos has detected it it should appear on that list. Then select it and it should work fine. This Knossos guide may help:

Iain Baker:
Note that you will probably need to go into the games control options to set the throttle up.

Also, the HOTAS X has a large dead zone problem which makes making precise shots difficult. Look up auto-aim in this guide to find a workaround:

I was going to say, the game engine should now be able to support multiple input devices natively. (I tried to look up exactly when it was added, but the forum search is horrific.) You shouldn't need to use an external program like vJoy just to use that controller, unless you're trying to do something esoteric with it.


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