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RELEASE: GTGs Prominence

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Shivan Hunter:
RELEASE! I fixed the pof (those who got it early via PM will need to redownload since the turrets were ****ed up), and finished the shinemap and normal map. The only real issue is that it's not smoothed, and there's no way I'm reimporting and re-POFnig the entire thing. Maybe if I go over all my models later on I'll do that. If someone else wants to re-POF with smoothing or maybe resize it (I made it smaller than I had said originally; it fits better with my other designs and FS ships are frakking huge) I will send over the blend file.

The name is "Prominence", courtesy of Battuta.

[EDIT] Now includes epic smoothing by DROID803!


Just put the folders in the data subfolder of your mod folder. If you don't have a mod folder why are you downloading ships

Don't call it a gunship.  It makes us TBP people cringe. 

Shivan Hunter:
This gunship is not being made for TBP (although of course any mods/campaigns may use it and can call it whatever they want). In the universe this is for, I decided to do away with the Cruiser/Destroyer mix-up and so named smaller military ships "gunships" (along with "jumpships" that carry small fighter complements) while larger ones (FS destroyers) will be "battleships". (A larger differentiated class, "Cruisers"/"Frigates", may also exist).

You missed the point.  Gunships in TBP use an object type "gunship" that the engine doesn't have defined so the AI goes nuts.  Thus the cringe at the mention of the term. 

Shivan Hunter:
Ah, OK. Good old objecttypes... :P

Yeah it acts exactly like a FS cruiser, so it'll be using "Cruiser".


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