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BWs Civvy props - Acropolis Dock, Cargo platform, Gas Ring

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Black Wolf:
[EDIT]See here for the Cargo Platform.
[EDIT2]See here for the Gas Ring.

In the spirit of the season, and several other recent events re: releasing non-critical assets, I figured I'd throw this thing out there for public consumption:

[ [ [DOWNLOAD] ] ]

The GTDk Acropolis is, to all intents and purposes, a small version of the GTI Ganymede capital ship drydock. Designed as a fighter storage unit, the Acropolis is capable of locking down fighters within its ring, allowing fighters to be safely left within its confines indefinitely. They are also favoured during the construction or modification of small batch fighters in orbital construction yards.

Made it ages ago for something or other, it's getting used in TI, but a few things lately have caused a slight relaxation in the policy regarding exclusivity of non-critical assets. So here you go. Don't know if anyone's ever wanted anything like this, but I find it very useful for placing around installations and shipyards and such to add to the sense of place, a certain gritty functionality. As usual with ost of my stff, no normals, no LoDs. I should really learn how to do that stuff one day.

Looks good. I'm thinking this would also be good for smaller shipyards and places like that where a fully-fledged fighter bay would be too expensive or otherwise infeasible.

Black Wolf:
Well, it does have 2 dockpoints - the purpose being that the docking ring could eb attached to a larger ship, and ussed to move non-jump capable fighters through subspace, so that's kinda similar.

I remember this; new model i see, looks really good. :)

Apprechiate you releasing it; to my knowledge there's no other models like this (fighter storage bay), so its nice there's a model there to fill that niche when people need them. Imagine a lot of pirate groups in campaigns by others and by me will be glad to have somewhere to put their ships now too. :lol:

This thing is cool. I really like the idea of ambient shiplife and scenery around installations.


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