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The UEC Custos - Too small and useless to be much use in the current conflict, but Sanctus losses and a scarcity of hulls means that these are becoming employed more and more in front-line operations.

Model credits to Cadius for his X3 ship mod with some minor editing by myself (but we know Noah shipyards are the ones we should all thank for the first inspiration of the model. Thank you Noah colony).

It's got LODs and a sorrowful excuse for debris but it's ready for those who want to use it in FRED!

Congratulations on getting it done so fast and efficiently!

Nice very nice!

Colonol Dekker:
I always <3'd the shape of Nexus Destoryers and Cruisers. I hope you get an "Avalanche" inspired vessel too later on down the line. Props to you all.

That looks like a slightly elongated ships for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.


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