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Today I have a gift for you my dear community, directly from Shadow Genesis :). The GTSD Anchorage - next-generation superdestroyer able to destroy the most powerfull ships and survive. Now it can be yours! :D


History of this model is long as hell. Started from a raw and abandoned mesh in one of the Aldo's modeldumps, it quickly drew my attention. My familiar modeller - Kobrar44 mapped it and he did a dedicated turrets, FSF helped us with the turrets, Droid803 did LODs and debris. I've converted it and wrote a tech description. My brother and co-author of Shadow Genesis translated tech description into english. So it's a collaborative work.

Now you can use it wherever you want, but remember to credit orginal authors.
Aldo - Base model
Kobrar44 - Mapping and turrets
FreeSpaceFreak - Help with the turrets
Droid803 - LODs and Debris
Betrayal/Teeraal - Conversion

It has a bit different textures than Shadow Genesis version, and it comes with standard FS2 weapons [SG ones are not ready].
Known issues:
- Two damage textures, my mistake with import LODs and debris. It will be fixed in version released with whole mod.

Enjoy! :cool:

You know this looks a lot like the GTSD Odin........

Enigmatic Entity:
It has a long history ;) Any "quick specs" for us too lazy to install into FS2?  :p

Kosh - I like this ship better though, more details, better looking textures. Also seems to have less "random" sticky-outy bits...Perhaps it could be considered an "upgrade"  :)

Pic is slightly dark - here's a "lighter" version... :nervous:

Deadly in a Shadow:
I like that ship. Downloading.

This ship indeed resembles the Odin, though it lacks a spinal gun.
Anyway, great model.


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