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A remapped Morana for you!


So a long while ago, I was looking at doing a mod that used some of C914s ships. I liked the look of a lot of them, but my god, the tiles. So in my frustration I uvmapped one, the Morana, and gave it some nicer turrets. However I can't texture, so I put it in photoshop and gave it a bunch of tile patterns from the mediavps. The worst of both worlds. :) But to slightly save my soul, I also did a quick AO bake.

So, I give you the half complete C Morana!

Comparision shot:

Pic was taken before AO bake btw.


Rar includes:
converted pof (thanks droid!)
base uv maps for the textures (so you can make your own great texture)
blank ao bake maps for the textures
awful awful tile pattern textures (base map only, no shine, no glow, no normal)
PSD files featuring the awful tile pattern textures
original wings and obj files
and a tbm.

Download seems to use the old Morana .pof with bad smoothing instead of the new model.



I just took the Florence from BP and baked it's maps to a single UV while also making better lods and debris! Did this for BtA.

Yeah. Thanks for releasing it :).


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