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RELEASE: Northampton-class Stealth Frigate

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Hi guys, this is your benevolent FS2 modding overlord bringing you another free-release model. (DEATH TO HOARDERS)
My first "terran" ship!

I would say "as seen in Macross 7", but I took a lot of artistic license with it including a UEF-like bridge cause I thought the original bridge is silly as hell, and with the textures cause frankly the original is like teal, and nothing else. So I can't quite make that statement. I gave it some more interesting bits like lights. Ended up looking a bit like the Executor. I'm ok with that.

Also with the forward armament, since I realized that the embedded weapons had really really bad field of fire (and they required booleaning to make which I don't like.

Current Armament:
2x embedded forward heavy turrets
3x multiapart turret (singlebarrel)
4x VLS missile battery
6x button turret

Modelled, UVmapped and Textured by Droid803.
Multipart turrets modelled by Trashman, UVmapped by 3Dsmax (autoUV hurr durr. I refuse to manually UVmap triangulated meshes), Textured by Droid803.

Comes in 250m and 400m versions. 250m is its official size but I found that a bit too small for my purposes (since I'm not doing a Macross mod, I just like the ship design). SO, I give you both.

*second image stolen shamelessly from AndrewofDoom
**tables not included
***Droid803 is not responsible for any bad things that may happen. Droid803 is responsible for any awesome things that may happen.

Aw, give me more than 5 minutes to tease these guys.  :(

The E:

I find it hilarious that I live about 5 minutes from a Northampton. 

Excellent ship!  Rather non-standard for a terran ship, but it is after all a stealth frigate, which I'd imagine would require some non-standard astronautical architecture.  Looks pretty bamf.

Awesome. Do you plan on making more of these?  :)
I already have a place for it, it'd be great if you made a destroyer or carrier, maybe even a cruiser in this style.


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