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RELEASE: High-poly Satyr


By popular demand, the Ancient-Shivan War team proudly presents its high-poly Satyr! Pictures can be found here, the ship itself (model, textures, table) is available on FreeSpaceMods (category Small Combat Vessels, because it's nearly the size of a Cain!). The Satyr was originally designed by Bobboau; the high-poly model, unwrapping and conversion were done by yours truly, all textures by freespaceking.

BEFORE YOU ASK: yes, the cannon is supposed to look like that. Try it in-mission, you'll see that it works like it should. (If it's somehow misbehaving anyway, please let us know.) To adjust the firing arcs, you need to modify the model (rotate-up bound) as well as the table (rotate-down and left-right bound).

EDIT: Picture for quick preview:

An aptly named ship if I do say so myself.


Nice ... thanks for this one, you guys are great

Few changes and it will be SoI...

Admiral Nelson:
Congrats on the release!!  :yes:


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