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New Ship Hammer of God

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I'm posting this model after making some changes to it that were suggested by other members . I'm new to modeling so there maybe some problem I don't know about but it seems to work for me.

Named after Arthur C. Clarke's book: The Hammer of God

Download link:

Looks very nice! I like the practicality. Thick, sloped armor plating makes the hull look durable, and the turrets are excellently done. Also...Phalanx CIWS, IN SPACE.

One little complaint: compared to the rest of the model, the bridge area looks terribly fragile for a military ship. It's a pretty easy target. Maybe see what it looks like if you were to place the bridge window on the front of the command deck, right in-between the two rear CIWS-looking turrets. It also might make the profile a little more streamlined. From an aesthetic standpoint, it just looks a little awkward to me, BUT, it's not a big thing. Is there a hangar bay in the front?

Nice design. Looks like a heavily-armoured corvette/destroyer (which I guess was the point).
The Phalanx and RAM turrets look a little out of place (on one hand they look anachronistic, but on the other hey why change what works).

I like the scorched hull with freshly painted over decals a lot, but the weird texture clipping around the nameplate is a bit jarring.

Overall it looks really cool.

General Battuta:
I love your turret designs, but I worry about the arrangement. The ship seems to have big blind spots.

Your art style is great, really fresh.

Sweet mother of...
I like this ship.
Can we get more pictures, maybe taken from below?
'Cause it looks like the defense turrets are all locate on its upper hull.


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