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RELEASE: DEV BLOG: Droid803 Tries Proves Hes NotHypocrites + buddy system

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--- Quote from: Cyborg17 on March 20, 2012, 11:28:31 pm ---It is a good model.  It looks really nice.  But it's also a little odd.  If so much of the ship is that spinning, energy-saving thing that I can't remember the term for, then it seems like there's no room for anything else on the ship.  This may not actually be true, but it gives the impression that's there's not much going on internally.

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Well, the backstory is that it's an old design from the early days of FTL travel (not quite FS-verse), where the large habitation gravity block allowed it to operate for longer periods of time and act as exploration ships that weren't totally defenceless. Also is that a small rotator needs to rotate faster to have the same artificial gravity, so there's another reason for making it larger (even though at this size it doesn't come close to making 1g with its rotation speed if you actually do the math).  :)


--- Quote from: Droid803 on March 20, 2012, 10:59:39 pm ---looks like nobody has anything more to say? :(

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We're all waiting for you to release the thing :P

From the last picture, the rotational part seems to be quite flat, maybe tuning up the normal map intensity on that area might help.
You could also try adding a new dust/dirt layer and overlay it onto the diffuse. Then grab that dust/dirt map and apply an emboss filter over it, after that make a normal map out of it and overlay it onto the original normal map of the ship with a 10% or 20% of opacity.

Still, all in all the ship looks quite good as it stands right now.

I think it would look good if you added a greeble of some sort to the octagonal area near the middle. Like an airlock or a fuel port or something.

On the armor plate in front of the turret? Hmm...


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