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A semi-crappy skybox courtesy of the Hubble Spaaaaaaace Telescope


Shivan Hunter:
<DarthGeek> wtf, imgue is compressing my ongs into jpgs
<DarthGeek> ****that****.svg >:|
<DarthGeek> pngs*
<DarthGeek> not sure what a ong would be
<DarthGeek> ingur
<DarthGeek> imgur*
<DarthGeek> ...****
<DarthGeek> anyway I made a crappy skybox

Download link!

This is made the same way Herra made the awesome BP:AoA skybox- that is, sticking a bunch of Hubble pics together and mapping them to a sphere.

Textures are 4096^2. Includes a crappy test mission. The skybox model is tilted in an odd way, but it works out.



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