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Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---The GVGs Hemsut is a recent addition to the Vasudan fleet. Designed to replace the now obsolete and under-gunned Aten class, the Hemsut boasts greater fire-power and a much smaller, cheaper and significantly faster spaceframe, while sacrificing almost nothing in terms of armour and survivability. Primary offensive capabilities are provided by twinned, forward facing “TigerShark” missile systems. Although these are somewhat short range weapons by comparison to modern plasma beams, their effective reach of three thousand metres is considered adequate for a vessel with the Hemsuts impressive top speed. Moreover, the low power draw of these weapons frees up reactor capacity, allowing the Hemsut to mount no fewer than four anti-fighter beam weapons for fighter defence – practically unheard of in a vessel of this size.
--- End quote ---

DOWNLOAD HERE - (Temporary Mediafire)
Wiki Page

OK, so, here you go. Vasudan gunship. Some people have seen it on IRC, most of you probably haven't. Not my best work by a long shot - the model and most of the texture work is actually quite a few years old - you can tell by the somewhat low poly nature of the model, and the somewhat crappy UVing (I've gotten better since then). The motivation to release it was basically the dearth of even halfway good Vasudan ships available - I don't love this thing, but, IMO, it's better than 90% of the Vasudan capships on the wiki (Not trying to be offensive to those who've made Vasudan ships in the past, it's just the the quality of Terran and Shiva stuff has gone up and up, while Vasudan stuff just hasn't been being made in anything like the same numbers).

Primary armament are these medium range missiles - there's a table file for them in the download. Currently, they're a bit more powerful than Fusion mortars, and they heat-seek as well, after some free flight time. They're interesting to FRED with - you've got to be clever about how you use this thing when making missions. Theoretically, these have roughly the hitting power of a pair of SGreens - maybe slightly higher, but it needs to stay at least 1.5-2km away from its enemies to use the missiles effectively. This puts it outside AAAf beam range; good for facing down other cruisers, less so against bigger ships (Since it'll be in big-beam range anyway, but can't supplement its own attacks with AAAf fire).

Oh, and please, no complaints about how dark my screenshots are. That's just my light settings, I think. Download the ship if you want a better look. :p

So, have at it. Consider this a challenge to all you other modders out there - we can't have this nasty thing as the only modern small Vasudan capship available, can we? It's a disgrace to us all as a modding community. Have at it! Make this thing obsolete! :D

Deadly in a Shadow:
What. Is. That.

As far as I can tell, awesome.

That thing is really nice, but it needs some blob turrets, I think.

Looks very nice as far as I can tell. But personally to me it looks like an oversize fighter. But ether way its really nice.

Gunboats are usualy oversized fighters [unless it's Shadow Genesis :P]. For me, looks awesome.
BTW. I love Your lightning settings. As dark as space should be :yes:.

General Battuta:

--- Quote from: Betrayal on May 31, 2012, 03:27:25 pm ---Gunboats are usualy oversized fighters

--- End quote ---

they are?


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