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RELEASE - The Lost 2_ HUD: Rebuilt! - Updated February 3 2018

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Hidden in the sparky_hi VP are a bunch of hud ani files that start with 2_. In the interface section, 2_ mean files that are meant for 1024x768 resolution. So its my guess that the 2_ hud files were meant for a 1024x768 hud, but Volition never actually used the files (aside from the radar and center reticle stuff).

I've been meaning to build up this hud again, but some things were still hard coded. With some of the recent additions to the hud gauge code, I now had all of the pieces to do it!

One year later edit: Here are some nicer pics to show it off! These pics have my amazing scripted message gauge!

Here's a link so you can try yourself.

(Shout out to TheDagger for his cool redone HUD art that I used!)

Update: June 3 2017:
HUD now scales up when used on resolutions above 1080p (so 4k users can rejoice)

FS2 style HUD:

You only need one, don't install both!
Install one of the two in your MediaVPs 2014 folder

A low maintenance handy vp version.

Includes my Message Script which makes message more readable.

FS1 style HUD:
Install in your FS Port Media VPs folder

Includes my Message Script which makes message more readable.

If you would like to add the files right into your mod check out these downloads that are the unpacked versions.

Hidden Text: Tips and tricks for configuring • Showaxmessage.cfg is a JSON file. Use something like this to edit it!

TitleFont and TextFont are font entries from font.tbl. They can be numbers or font names.
Image is the image to use where the scrolling text will be displayed. A copy of that image with a 2 at the end is needed for monochrome mode so it darkens the box a bit so its easier to read.
Speed is the time in seconds it takes to draw each character.
Length is the time in seconds the game will guess you need to read each character. If you feel text is vanishing too quick, increase this.
TitleColor and TextColor are the color the text will draw. Format is RGBA.
Position: Origin is the percent based origin of where everything gets drawn. Offset is the pixel offset from origin for the message gauge. Headani is... where it would move the head ani but we can't actually do that yet.

Enabled turns it on or off
Timeout is how long in seconds a message will be visible in the backlog
Font is the font to use
MaxSize is the max number of entries in the backlog
Origin and Offset are just like the message gauge above
Height is the height of the backlog. The origin and offset will define the top left of where it gets drawn, but backlog lines fill in backwards (from bottom up). So adjusting the height will also adjust where the text starts getting drawn

Sender/Text, pixel offsets from the top left of the message gauge image to draw the sender and message text

Doesn't do anything. Ignore that!

Monochrome should be set to true if you want the gauge to copy the color of your talking head gauge. If false, it'll use the true color data of the image.

GenericFiles is a list of generic message files. Normally if there is a sound file attached to a message, the gauge will appear for as long as the sound file is. But generic message sounds are sometimes really short. So if any of these items in the list are attached to messages being played, the message gauge will ignore their length and keep the message as if there was no sound.

Unicode, set to true you're using a unicode font, you'll want this on or else it'll cause PROBLEMS

Hidden Text: Old dev post • ShowFirst let's see what this new hud looks like in the intended 1024x768 resolution...
Takes you right back to the 640x480 days...

Now lets go take a look in the 1920x1080 realm...


The hud file is named mv_root-hdg.tbm so it'll override the mediavps stuff, and there's a few fixed hud gauges included to make things work correctly.

I'd call this a Beta Release right now, let me know if there are any overlapping gauges, something I missed, or other helpful suggestions. Hopefully this should make for easier reading of the gauges...

***Note this won't work with my scripted message gauge! You'll get 2 headanis appearing. I'll... find a way to fix that later...****

nice work!  :yes:

The Dagger:
I'm pretty sure that FSO uses the files with the 2_ prefix as high-def files since my Slighty better HUD replaces ONLY those files (and it works without table changes).

Sort of.

--- Quote ---(aside from the radar and center reticle stuff).
--- End quote ---

The stuff you have in your VP are some of the few files the game does use for "hi def", but this mod now uses other files present that the game didn't actually use before such as the 2_directives, 2_escorts, and other gauges that are along the sides.

(Also I think people can probably use our stuff together for even higher quality stuff since you don't have any table edits to yours!)

The Dagger:
Oh, great then! And thanks!


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