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MjnMixael's HD Mainhalls (Released)

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Colonol Dekker:
Amazing attention to detail buddy.

Updated to 1.4.8

Resolves shortcut key discrepancy where in some halls B = Barracks, C = Campaign and in other halls B = Campaign, C = Barracks.

I used the new mainhall version (1.4.8) and noticed an error (the campaigns that this came up on were Shepherds and FS2 through 4.5.X MediaVPs).  I was using 22.0 and the 4.5.X MediaVPs.

Where the campaign room is supposed to be (it shows a system map roughly in the middle right part of the screen)...when I hover my mouse over it the caption says "Barracks" and clicking on that takes me to barracks.  When I hover my mouse over where the barracks usually are (a simple entrance in roughly upper left of screen) the caption says campaign room and clicking on that takes me to where I can select a campaign.

So unfortunately that is now an issue with the mods themselves. There was an issue with some of my mainhalls where the Barracks and Campaign "areas" were swapped. This caused the B and C hotkeys to load Campaign and Barracks respectively instead of the other way around. I fixed that here, but if mods included their own -hall.tbm, they will need to be swapped there as well. MediaVPs 4.6 resolves this problem.

Updated to 1.4.9

Adds 10th door to Wayfarer.


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