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MjnMixael's HD Mainhalls (Released)

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Updated to 1.4.10

Updates Bastion B to use the new Valkyrie model
Updates Soyakaze to use the new Zeus and Loki models

Can I do a feature request please?

I'd love to see a Soyakaze that uses the Ares and Erinyes models, implying that the SOC still uses it in the FS2 timeline. I love the alt variants of the Bastion and Galatea.

These look fantastic. Do you have any plans to do the Psamtik? That might be challenging to do though, it looks very different from any of the Terran ships.

Trivial Psychic:
If I ever get back to my FS:Augmented campaign (as I am firmly planted in TBP right now), I could use an FS1-era vasudan mainhall... since others are making suggestions... not that I have any imminent plans to need it.


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on June 19, 2022, 10:20:01 pm ---I could use an FS1-era vasudan mainhall...

--- End quote ---

Seconded - by the time I will be able to get back to FSO, I could use one as well.


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