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[RELEASE 2/2] Freespace Soundtrack Expansion Project (16IF, 16B, 13MH)

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Part I Mod Use Compilation (7 In-Flight, 7 Briefing, 5 Mainhall) (UPDATED August 28, 2021)

Part I Listenable Album (320 kbps mp3)

Part II Mod Use Compilation (9 In-Flight, 9 Briefing, 8 Mainhall)

Part II Listenable Album (320 kbps mp3)

As promised a while ago, I've begun work on some original music to be used generally by the community. Anyone will be welcome to use these tracks as they become available. Because I have had success with this method in the past, I will be writing music, at least initially, based on the ships of the base games. I will keep my progress up to date in this post.

An important note: if you hear a track that is close to something you would use, but needs some small tweaking, let me know. Once I am done the overall project I can try and make modified versions to fit specific needs.

A few notes on my method, which will hopefully result in a good range of styles/moods:

* Terran, Vasudan, and Shivan tracks will have distinct styles in addition to an electronic sci-fi component. (Militaristic, ethereal, metal/horror respectively)
* FS1 ships will result in more vintage synthesizer sounds and synthesized instruments; FS2 ships will result in modern synthesizer sounds and real instruments.
* In-flight tracks will be based on groups of small craft (interceptors, space superiority, assault fighters, light bombers, heavy bombers). I find it helpful to write a single track first and split later, so I will provide a "master" version of each of these as well. Where possible, I will try and make a set of 3 ambience tracks for FS1 style soundtracks, along with a 4th ambience track for FS2 style soundtracks.
* I will release each in-flight as a separate .7z file for now, which will include all of the soundtrack files as .ogg (usually 9 per set) and a .tbm two .tbms filled with the right names and values, one for FS1-style soundtracks and one for FS2-style soundtracks (both using the FS2 standard auxiliary tracks for victory, death, etc.). Once I get more finished, I might group them one way or another. The “Master” track, in .mp3, will be posted via a separate link.
* Briefings will be based on cruisers, corvettes and possibly some other miscellaneous craft.
* Mainhalls will be based on destroyers (and those two juggernauts).
Having this structure will help me stay motivated, since I like to think about the big picture of things. But obviously I will take artistic liberties as needed. Yes, it's a bit weird, but it works so what can I say? I don't know if I'll get through everything on my list, but I will pick at it when I get a chance.

Sidenote: this music (just like all of my stuff lately) will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Meaning that you can use them freely even outside Freespace-related things, as long as you give me credit and share any derivatives of the music under the same license.

Audius Playlist

Progress (None/Started/Done Master/Released; Part 1 in yellow, Part 2 in purple):

Terran scouts/interceptors: Released (Master) ("On the Wings of Triumph")
Terran space superiority: Released (Master) ("Heroes of Old")
Terran assault/heavy fighters: Released (Master) ("Fury of the Gods")
Terran light bombers: Released (Master) ("Nightfall on Olympus")
Terran heavy bombers: Released (Master) ("Grizzled Thunder")
Vasudan scouts/interceptors: Released (Master) ("Cry of the Falcon")
Vasudan space superiority: Released (Master) ("Writing on the Wall")
Vasudan assault/heavy fighters: Released (Master) ("Born of the Desert")
Vasudan light bombers: Released (Master) ("The Bull and the Lioness")
Vasudan heavy bombers: Released (Master) ("Dying Sky")
Shivan scouts/interceptors: Released (Master) ("Sting of the Fallen") (UPDATED August 24, 2021)
Shivan space superiority: Released (Master) ("Twice Burned")
Shivan space superiority - high-energy remix: Released ("Twice Burned (Killer Dragon Remix)")
Shivan assault/heavy fighters: Released (Master) ("Demons of Wrath")
Shivan light bombers: Released (Master) ("Serpent's Kiss")
Shivan heavy bombers: Released (Master) ("The Fallen Ones")

GTC Fenris: Released ("Away from the Pack")
GTC Leviathan: Released ("Beast in the Black")
GTC Aeolus: Released ("Headwinds")
GTCv Deimos: Released ("Anxious Encounter")
GTI Ganymede: Released ("Attendant to the Divine")
GVC Aten: Released ("Drops of Sunlight")
GVC Mentu: Released ("The Emerging Bull")
GVCv Sobek: Released ("Snapping Jaw")
GVG Anuket: Released ("Stellar Embrace")
GVT Isis: Released ("Afterlife")
SC Cain: Released ("Bloodshed")
SC Lilith: Released ("Contagion")
SC Rakshasa: Released ("Desecrator") (Yes, I know that isn't technically a real word...)
SCv Moloch: Released ("Sacrifice")
Shivan Comm Node: Released ("Sinister Transmissions")

GTD Orion: Released ("The Great Hunt")
GTD Hecate: Released ("Beyond Fate") Middle Section Removed Very Simplified Alternate/Spacier Version Very Simplified Alternate/Spacier Version
GTD Hades: Released ("Out of the Darkness")
NTF Iceni: Released ("Burned Alliance")
GVD Typhon: Released ("Battle for Supremacy")
GVD Hatshepsut: Released ("The New Pharaohs")
SD Demon: Released ("Spawns of Terror")
SD Lucifer: Released ("The Bringer of Death")
SD Ravana: Released ("Roar of the Destroyer")
SJ Sathanas 1: Released ("From the Mists")
SJ Sathanas 2: Released ("Incursion")
SJ Sathanas 3: Released ("Cataclysm at Capella") Shorter version Even shorter/looping version

Special GTVA Colossus set ("Their Finest Hour"):
Colossus In-Flight: Released
Colossus Briefing: Released
Colossus Mainhall: Released
Colossus Suite: Released

Note that the attachment will get erased after a few weeks.


--- Quote from: Cyborg17 on February 26, 2021, 09:53:30 pm ---Note that the attachment will get erased after a few weeks.

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Thanks for the head's up. That was just to give a preview of the track, all of the important stuff is in the MediaFire link. Maybe I'll start doing YouTube for that instead.

Great work.  I really like the first track and I'm looking forward to the others. :yes:


--- Quote from: Goober5000 on February 27, 2021, 03:02:31 pm ---Great work.  I really like the first track and I'm looking forward to the others. :yes:

--- End quote ---


I've uploaded a new pack, corresponding to Shivan Light Bombers. Master version posted on the Discord server for now, until I get things in gear for something more accessible. Discord link


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