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[SOLARIS RELEASE] Insidiae Frigate & Reliant Corvette


So after playing the new solaris and loving it, also rewatching the expanse. I have created a couple of warships for the mod. They are Kitbashes, based of the Hauler and Carthage class freighters. I am really happy with how they have turned out. esp the Reliant.


Insidiae(latin for Ambusher) class Missile Frigate
Created from the hulls of Carthage class freighters with extra hull armor, torpedo cargo pods and PDC turrets added. These are makeshift warships by various companies to defend convoys from attacks from the many raider groups. Ideal ambusher as since it uses the space frames of the carthage, its impeller and energy readouts make it a standard Carthage class at long range.

Reliant class Corvette
The Reliant class corvette is another makeshift warship by trade merchants and private companies. The ship is based on the Hauler class spaceframe with a weapons package attached to where the cargo containers go. Extra armor has been fitted to protect key areas, fighter docking clamps have also been fitted to allow the corvette to drop of escort craft. Since its inception the Reliant has proved a popular ship to private navies, merc factions and companies where they are unable to afford more advanced warships. They are cheap to build and easy to maintain. While being able to fend off Raiders they are ill suited to go against military ships of the 3 great powers.

Good kitbashes are goooood :yes:


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