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[SOLARIS RELEASE] Commonwealth Raptor medium assault fighter

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Commonwealth Raptor class, medium assault fighter release:  It may need a lot of table editing but this is the first version.

"Commonwealth medium assault fighter based off the falcon space superiority frame. Design indicates that this fighter class was originally intended for some other purpose before becoming the standard medium assault fighter in use within the navy. All background information is classified at the highest level."

When designing this using the modular fighter parts given to me by Darius and made by CGPitbull, i never actually intended for it to look like the F302 from Stargate, just turned out to be a very happy coincidence.

I really like Solaris' ship designs, and this in particular seems a bit more like an upgunned Moldy Crow as my first take.

Now that you've brought up that ship, I could probably kitbash a Moldy Crow in a short amount of time. Give me a bit and I'll post the result.

Colonol Dekker:
Does it come with Sariss?

Also, Modular fighter partis intriguing.

Jan Ors best girl.

This joins the exclusive club of Solaris-fied kitbashes of other ships!

Such as the USMC SA-43 Hammerhead:

And the Hiigaran Flak Frigate:


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