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Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Fleet Alpha Release!


Well in December i started a mini Babylon 5 mod as a personal project to see if i could do a small TC all by myself. My initial plan was to do about 6 ships. Well jump forward to January and i have a total of 18 ships! I have decided to release them to the community!

NOTE: This is a Alpha release, these ships are all still needing balanced and tweaks. Also These were created using BP as a base. While i have provided tables for the ships, This is only for a template, sorry no Weapons. Also Thunderbolt in this pack hasn't got any Paths so rearming ship will cause it to crash.

ALSO MOST IMPORTANT: Anyone wishing to use these in the TBP they are not simply a place in folder and replace the original. The scaling on my models are not exact to the TBP ships. Some ships like the Omega have the extra weapon turrets that were meant to be in the show but were not used. Also While there is a shadow ship in the table i have not provided the model as it is very buggy and needs work.


Fixed Thunderbolt pof with docking points and paths. -

Now onto the ships, in this pack you have the:
EA Starfury
EA Assault Starfury
EA Recon/Bomber badger class Sarfury
EA Thunderbolt
Raider Zephyr
EA Olympus Corvette
EA Hyperion and Midwinter Cruiser
EA Nova Dreadnaught
EA Omega Destroyer
EA Omega X Destroyer
EA Orion Station
Raider Cruiser
Asimov Transport
2 freighters
1 fuel tanker

Enjoy!! and please if you use these please credit me.

Trivial Psychic:
That's quite the release.  I've noticed a few creative choices on your part I was wondering about.  I've noticed the forward main guns on the Omega classes are inverted.  I believe that the bigger barrel should be the upper weapon, but it seems that the on one side, the bigger barrel is the lower gun.  I also see that you didn't flip out the barrels for the frontal flank guns of the Nova.  All of the other side guns are flipped guns, but the forward ones aren't.  I also noticed that your table includes ANOTHER ship that wasn't included in this package.  Next release?

Hi the reason that the omegas guns are like that, is how they are on the show. The screen grabs I have from season 2 and 4 of B5 with the omega, that is how the main guns are. See attached image of the front guns from season 4.

As for the flak guns on the Nova i must have just missed those.

The other ship, the shadow battlecrab the model is causing the game to crash at random points, so I removed it. I thought I had deleted it from the table but after uploading I realised I hadn't.

I am also working on fixing the thunderbolt for docking points and pathing.


That's cool~  :yes:


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