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RELEASE: Nightmare Frigate 'Leraje'



Nightmare Frigate: Leraje
At over 1 kilometer long, the Leraje class frigate is used predominately by the Pretan fleet as a carrier/assault ship hybrid. Briefly encountered in Epsilon Eridani and Alphard, these vessels mount considerable firepower and durability for their size. A bow mounted beam weapon provides the Leraje its anti-capital firepower while port and starboard mounted secondary beam emitters give the vessel flexibility in the battlespace. Small openings along the sides of the vessel allow the Leraje to field strikecraft ranging from the Djall fighter to the Viduus heavy bomber. Intelligence places the Leraje high on priority targets of opportunity for Union commanders to capitalize on as destroying a Leraje will greatly hamper Pretan unit cohesion and strategic momentum.

Download Link:

So the Leraje (formerly known as Carnivale) is about 1.2 kilometers in length, dwarfing a Deimos in terms of size and strength. In the download is the table used in the mod that the Leraje will be featured in so feel free to swap around the entries as you desire. The hangerbays are functional, there are debris, PBR compatibility and other fun stuff.

Nyctaeus approached me asking for a model to practice his sculpting, so I chucked some money his way and he created this magnificent beast. Now I chuck the fruits of his labor to you, my favorite community.

Original Model: iggy-design
Conversion and Modifications: Nyctaeus
Texturing: Nyctaeus
POF Data: Nightmare
Table: Modified by Nyctaeus, Original by NeonShivan

Small disclaimer: The tech description seen above (while not included with the table) as well as the table itself are subjected to change come time for the mod's release. It's all merely placeholder shenanigans to give this release post a bit more spice.

Mistakenly forgot to add Nightmare to the POF credits. My b  :(


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