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Cetanu's Advanced Fred2 Lessons - part 2 (with images)

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More lessons=more missions=more campaigns=more fs2!

That can only be a good thing.

Thank you so much, not just for myself, but for those who are too "ashamed" to admit that they forgot FRED, ever since the advanced tutorial!

Please, do continue!

my head hurts....

hell is finding "modify variable" doesn't work after spending several hours on a mission that you find needs it.

hey, is there a limit to the size of any one SEXP ?

OT-ness (slightly)

Why isn't this in the FS modding forum?

Black Wolf:
Read the Forum summary for FS Campaigns


--- Quote ---Originally posted by HotSnoJ
Why isn't this in the FS modding forum?
--- End quote ---

Which reminds me, I have some threads to move (Fredding ones belong here). :)


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