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Open contest: Upgrade TBP background effects!



--- Quote ---Originally posted by CptWhite
I don't see any picture lt.
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Works for me and apparently for Sigma and Edwin too :confused:

I see it too, very nice, but one little gripe. Narn is inhabited, there would at least be a small amount of light visible on the dark side...

In a case you haven't noticed, due to his great work we did gave Lt. Cannonfodder TBP staff status, just like I promised to give it to whoever stands up to the job and results are great. :)

Thanks to Lt. Cannonfodder, Lightspeed and CptWhite, we've gotten a major background upgrade.

The contest is now officially over but you're still free to show your work. :) One never knows what showing outstanding results might lead up to... ;)


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