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Yes, 11181442 looks right to be a post, but we need to find the right thread first.,60358.msg1189901.html#msg1189901 is this post (mine)

topic,[topic].msg[number].html#msg[number] is how you link directly to a post...lets see...

Nope, can't access 58547

FreeSpaceFreak:,58547.msg1181422.html#msg1181422 goes nowhere either. I think thread 58547 is somewhere in the STR internal... Or in board 179? If this was in board 179, it would "explain" its disappearance.

And I do hope we won't have to wait another eleven weeks (the countdown timer) before the grand prize is there. Or maybe it's worth the wait?

Anyway, since the number #58547 is gone now, it might be a dead track, caused by a mistake by "Announcements". Maybe msg1181422 is not in that thread. Somebody could try all threads from the past month or so, and look if msg#1181422 is in it? Guess you'd need the right software to do that.

EDIT: Rybak's account seems to be gone.

The E:
Hmmm. don't know if it helps, but looking at Messages 1181415 and 1181432, both found here:,58546.0.html I'm assuming that the post we're looking for was made sometime between those posts.

Where the hell is the scrambled "Delete last fokker Triplane" or whatever thread?

Nice catch, Joshua. According to my browser history, thread #58547 was indeed "Timoke. No, delete last Fokker Triplane. No", which has disappeared.

Message #1181422 may just be the first post in that thread. Does anyone have it cached or saved?


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