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Welcome to the new Hard Light Art forum! This is on a trial basis to see how things work out (considering that the results of the poll were only slightly in favour of its creation over leaving everything as it was). However lets give it a go and see how we get on.

This forum is for all kinds of art - it doesn't have to be renders. It can be anything else that takes your fancy as well such as writing or music. No general theme either - it's only restriction is that it must be art related. I'll be moving any threads I see in the main forum regarding art from there to here from now on so I ask you to save me the trouble and just post it straight into here from now on.

Enjoy everyone!

now this is something happening!!! well, good luck.

Black Wolf:
I didn't know this had been finalized as yet. Good stuff.

Nice. :)
Was this the reason that forums were slow and not very functional yesterday?

No :)


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