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This is my first ever attempt at a render. I'm using only  Truespace 2 and the text was done in Photoshop. What does everyone thing of the motion blur? I tried increasing it a bit but it looked too blured. And what about my thrusters? Let me know if it's worth me doing any more?

what motion blur? and how did you do the motion blur.

How did you do the background and AA at the same time?

For a first, I think it's very good. :yes2::nod::yes:
But I don't see any motion blur in it, and the nebula could look better, I guess it doesn't have enough colors, and looks banded. Stars could use a little work too. But those aren't bad. :)
There could be some action in it, but it's first render... :p

I like it, slightly colored lighting on the models makes it look interesting as does the font and the engine glows which are neat. The ships don't quite look a "part" of the space around them but as a first render it's really very good - well done :)


--- Quote ---what motion blur? and how did you do the motion blur.
--- End quote ---

The bottom right ship is very slightly blured, like i said it was origianlly much more but i reduced it because i didn't think it looked right.

--- Quote ---How did you do the background and AA at the same time?
--- End quote ---

I'm not sure what you mean  but here is how i did it:
In FRED i took a screen shot of lots of stars (i moved the camera round a bit and they seemed to have stayed blured which is why they don't look right)

Then i opened it and some nebula pcx's in adobe photoshop. I enlarged the nebs and moved them around a bit, then applyed screen on the layers to remove the black from the nebs

I then used this image as the background in TS2 and applyed 4xAA

Here it is with more motion blur

As for nebulas ive saved loads of images of real nebs from the web so i'll try using some of them.

As for action i need to export a few more POF's and explosisions so expect more soon.

Ps. Does any one know how to stop TS2 crashing when rendering to a .avi or how to export to blender and keep the textures on the model?:confused:


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