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Stryke 9:
...First off, I dunno whether to put this in art, modding, or what. Until the user FS comes out, it's not likely to be a mod, and it's not art yet, either. But anyway.

I have two models. One is a composite of the other, and a few quick turrets I'll probably replace. I'm not sure whether to ditch my original bomber:

The newer composite assault destroyer (same scale):

Or to keep both and make up some explanation for why this isn't sheer laziness on my part. I can't tell, I kinda like both, but would rather not end up using the same model for two things.

Mr Carrot:
top one looks like a turret

I like those, :yes: but why don't they belong to art section? Isn't that for all renders and models and stuff?
Edit: But yeah, those look like turrets. But good ones. :yes:

Yep, moved :)

And I'm aware that you might hate me for this but they look nothing like bombers or destroyers...


They make excellent turrets. I mean it - they kick serious ass as turrets. Really good detail (and believable what with the cockpits and all).

If you want a destroyer - use the bottom one and loose the cockpit (the orange section), perhaps make the rear hull longer in proportion to the four forward cannons.

Even so - great models :)

I thought they were turrets too, pretty good ones!


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