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Ludum Dare 30

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Akalabeth Angel:
Yeah, I'm trying to make a game too . . .  I've come to realize that scripting is a bit difficult haha. Particularly when I haven't done much of it before.

Akalabeth Angel:
Did anyone participate and get anything finished?

I did start a game but got engrossed in doing the artwork so . . . didn't finish a game. But my intent is to keep going and get something better finished than I could have done in 2 days.

Shivan Hunter:
yeah I made a weird one about cellular automata (Conway's Game of Life):

It has balancing issues that need to be resolved... it's too easy to get one of those virulent patterns (where a cell is born if it has 1 or 2 neighbors on) and keep it going forever. It's also easy to never get a good rule from the start and the pattern will die out within 4 or 5 worlds. (it starts with Conway's classic rules and mutates them randomly whenever you branch off into a different world)

Also the game screen is called and the main menu screen is #gamejamcode

Not sure connected worlds was such a good theme though. It inspired some interesting ideas, but there isn't that much to do with it compared to, say, "beneath the surface" from last LD.

Akalabeth Angel:
Well you got a lot of positive comments on there. That's great


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