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Anyone here use Sublime Text? I personally use it every day at my actual job and I love it. If you're working in something like Visual Studio, it doesn't make so much sense to use but if you're doing a lot of web design, JavaScript, and Salesforce stuff then it's mega good, IMO.

Sublime Text Website:

It's free to download, comes with a lot of different colors for themes, and automatically converts the views for a large number of different languages.

I use Sublime Text for just about everything, including work with FSO; the only times I actually use Visual Studio to work with the code (aside from compilation or debugging a live executable) is when I need to use a specific feature like checking the call hierarchy of a function (though even that's pretty rare, because I can usually just search the codebase for that function name and stay in Sublime Text).

Non-FSO stuff, I use it to write Python code and use SublimeLinter with flake8 to check for errors while I type.

A few of my friends use it, although I'm sticking to nano/emacs/notepad++ for now (& eclipse when doing java stuff). FSO is pretty much the only C++ project I am using Visual Studio for, although I would probably use it if I were doing C#.

Aside of the usual suspects mentioned already, there's a new kid in the block;

I tried it briefly but went back to Notepad++. I also took a look at Sublime Text, but don't want to pay for it and it looks like the current stable branch (2.x) is really old and dev branch (3.x) has been in development limbo about forever.

Funnily enough I went the other way (i.e. into the past :p) and am using VIM as my primary text editor for FSO coding (and practically everything else).  Works pretty well with a few plugins/additions like ctags, EasyMotion, Ctrl-P, YouCompleteMe and a git plugin I forget the name of. Of course, the learning curve is extremely steep, but I've been using vi practically daily in my job for about 15 years now so I've at least I've started with the basics.


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